Food manufacturer from Spain

Food manufacturer from Spain


The long experience and the traditional craft make the products of our partners so special. Our producers go beyond the mass-produced standard and produce products with character. Each product is the result of natural, time-consuming and detail-oriented processing. The products are full of passion, history and great pride. Exactly at this kind of production Colono Gourmet believes: Outstanding gourmet products can only be created by excellent producers.


However, just such food manufacturers are difficult to find. Where can you find local producers of high-quality gourmet products from Spain and Portugal?

Colono Gourmet has gone on the hunt and after a rigorous selection process that guarantees quality, freshness and a fair price, unites the best food manufacturers from Spain and Portugal on this B2B platform. Our goal is to make the best gourmet products in Spain and Portugal accessible and to connect restaurants, hotels, caterings and deli stores with the best manufacturers.


Colono partners represent local producers of high quality gourmet products from the Iberian area. On our platform, you will not only find Spanish and Portuguese specialties and delicacies, but will also learn all about their origins, history and the people behind them. The importance of origin plays a central role in the philosophy of Colono Gourmet. That's why we want to use our blog to present the unique work of our partners. In the first place we want to introduce you to an olive oil producer from Jaén:


Melgarejo olive oil is considered one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. The two manufacturers, Blas and Andrés, are the reason for that. But what makes olive oil so special? Is it because they harvest the olives two months earlier than most producers? Yes, the different oils produced in Jaén create a perfect harmony of smells and tastes on the palate.

Is it because they have visited prestigious universities in France and the United States to increase the taste of their oils? Your investment in research and development is one of the keys to your success.

Is it because their ancestors started oil-pressing back in 1780? Tradition, heritage, climate, land ... a perfect combination.

Is it because there is no room left for further awards on the labels of their bottles? They are internationally recognized, as they have won several awards in prestigious competitions in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the USA and of course Spain.

Is it due to their olive varieties? There are 4 monovarietal oils (Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina and Frantoio) and a composition of variations in which we show the greatest odor-taste complexities that are difficult to explain in words ... just the perfect oil.

Is it down to the last detail because of her distinguished, elegant care? Yes, they also win awards for the format of their products.

Colono Gourmet and Melgarejo Oil work hand in hand to make sure you get the best oils you can find on the market.

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Jan Marot has been a freelance foreign correspondent for Spain, Portugal and North Africa, travel guide author (ADAC, Marco Polo) and photographer since 2006. The gourmet and hobby chef was born in Graz (Austria, in 1981) and, thanks to a student exchange programme during the Semana Santa of 1998 in Granada, he discovered his love for Spain, its people and of course its diverse, traditional and innovative gastronomy. With his University degree of journalism, social and cultural anthropology, political science and biology in Vienna and Zurich in his hands, his suitcases were already packed, and he had the one-way flight booked. For 14 years now, the frequent traveller based in Granada, who is always keen to discover new tastes and dishes, has been writing and photographing for daily and weekly newspapers and magazines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including Der Standard, Profil, Die Welt, WOZ and Jungle World. As well as lately for the gourmet magazine Falstaff.