The history of Spanish cuisine is one of the most diverse and interesting in the world. Since the Romans, the Iberian Peninsula has been influenced by many cultures and regions, and its gastronomy has evolved enormously with each passing century. To this day, Spanish cuisine is one of the pioneers of healthy Mediterranean diet.

Spanish cuisine has been influenced by the Romans, Arabs and Christians. The Romans contributed olive oil and wine, while the Arabs, with irrigation systems, various gazpachos, almonds and other popular products, and without Christians, did not consider Spain's main product, ham, to be among the best in the world.

The Mediterranean diet is known to be both tasty and healthy. This is largely due to the natural products grown and harvested in the area. Spain has a rich agricultural heritage and is one of the world's largest producers of olives and grapes. These two ingredients also feature the two most popular specialties: Spanish wine and olive oil.


Other popular Spanish delicacies include Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and Iberico pork. All products with a lot of history and a long tradition.

Serrano ham - literally the "ham from the mountains". The Spaniards have been producing dry ham since ancient times. The first written references come from the Roman Empire. From the beginning, the production of this type of ham has been very natural: to enrich and conserve the pork, it has taken what nature has to offer: sea salt, the right climate and ideal environmental conditions. Historically, this ham was produced in mountainous regions, in Spanish "Sierra" (Serrano).

Manchego Cheese - This unique Spanish cheese is produced exclusively from the whole milk of the Manchega sheep, a breed that is bred only in the La Mancha region and has been reared there since antiquity. Archaeological remains from the Bronze Age show that the inhabitants of La Mancha used to produce a sheep's milk cheese with the milk of a sheep breed, which is considered by strict traditional methods as the ancestor of the modern Manchega sheep. Manchego cheese matures between 60 days and two years. It has a firm and compact consistency and a buttery texture and often contains small, unevenly distributed air pockets.

Iberico swine - The Iberian pig, whose origins date back to the Neolithic period, the period in which animal husbandry began, can now be found in the central and southern parts of Portugal and Spain. From the Iberian pig, the masterpiece of Spanish cuisine is won: Jamón (ham) Iberico. Its high content of intramuscular fat causes the typical marbling and the traditional and natural feeding, makes the meat of Iberico pig one of the most popular and highly valued meat product in the world.


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