"Cebo de Campo" Ibérico Tasting Box

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Arturo Sanchez


Arturo Sanchez can look back on almost a century of tradition, experience and craftsmanship with Iberian ham and sausage. The company is now producing Iberian pork products in its third generation. The selection of pigs, processing techniques, care and maturation have been perfected over the years in order to be able to offer "jewels of gastronomy" today.

The best ham is made only from the best Iberian pigs. That's why Arturo Sanchez chooses his pigs with great care. This means only those Iberian pigs who are born on the freshest meadows and have always grown up in freedom. The majority of the pigs that Arturo Sanchez buys come from so-called Iberian Pures. They grow up in complete freedom for almost two years. You will receive an exclusive diet based on meadows, acorns and grassland, which is considered the best diet for this type of pig.

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