Geschenkbox Weißer Thunfisch & Gelbflossenthunfisch 4 x 266g
Gift box of White Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna 4 x 266g

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Geschenkbox mit kantabrischen Konserven 11 Spezialitäten
Gift box of canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea 11 Specialties

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Geschenkbox mit 6 galicischen Premium-Konserven + Aperitivo Vermut & Weiss Wein
Gift box of premium Galician canned fish 12 Specialties

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Canned Fish
With nearly 7,000 kilometres of coastline on the Iberian Peninsula, it is clear that the Spanish and the Portuguese have a love affair with the sea. Some of the best Spanish and Portuguese fish and seafood dishes are carefully presented in a humble can. These small gastronomic jewels are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of sherry or cava, creating an appetizer that is difficult to match.

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