Fresh fish & seafood from Galicia

The Atlantic Ocean near Galicia offers ideal living conditions for a variety of fish, molluscs and crustaceans thanks to its strong tidal movement, oxygen-rich water and great food richness. In total, more than 80 species of fish and more than 50 species of seafood are sustainably fished over the 1,300 kilometres of coastline. 

Freshly fished

Our fish and seafood are always caught the day before delivery. Directly from the auction hall in Galicia, they reach the customer in an optimally packaged manner and in less than 24 hours. 

In this way, the tasty sea creatures retain all their quality and freshness.

Crustaceans have long been considered delicacies. Particularly appreciated is the percebe, duck mussel. No other sea fruit tastes so intensely of sea. The daring harvest on the rocky cliffs requires courage and dedication. Delicious delicacies such as the European lobster, the Great Sea Spider and the Stone Sea Urchin are also at home in the Atlantic Ocean off Galicia. 

On the floating platforms "Bateas" large mussels have been bred close to nature for more than 40 years, without soil contact and completely sand-free. The sword shell got its name from its characteristic shape. Buried in the sand in shallow waters, the mussel becomes up to 15 cm long. Oysters, cockles, the delicate "Fina" mussels and the bite-resistant "Rubia" mussels are also indispensable in Spanish cuisine.

More than 80 species of fish can be enjoyed from the Atlantic Ocean near Galicia. Perch, pike and bream romp off the coasts. An absolute delicacy is the St. Peter's fish with its pleasant own taste and firm, white meat. The turbot is also known for its outstanding meat quality. The large head of the monkfish is particularly suitable for fish fond. The sole, which has virtually no sheds and lives far from the coast at a depth of about 100m, also enjoys a high reputation in the cuisine.

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