Croquettes with Herrenpiltz and sesame seeds 40 x 25g

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- (ES) Mr President, I would like to Croquetas de Boletus y sesamo 40 x 25g

Our gourmet croquettes are a completely natural product that surprises the palate. Thanks to its traditional preparation process, its quality is particularly high quality. Croquettes are a traditional dish that has become an international symbol of Spanish cuisine. The 3 Michelin-starred chef Alejandro G. Urrutia has carefully and passionately developed this croquet collection. The diverse varieties can fully satisfy even the most demanding palates. A true taste experience!


  • Taste: see variety.
  • Origin: Asturias, Spain.
  • Storage & minimum durability: Frozen for at least 4 months.
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Creoquete - Kroketten mit Herrenpiltz und Sesam 40 x 25g


Who has not happened yet? You come home late at night and the fridge is empty or you get spontaneous visit and can not offer anything to his guests? Creoquete was born from these everyday situations. But Creoquete is more than just a ready meal. Their goal is to offer products with the taste and quality of traditional and homemade dishes. This approach has made Creoquete successful.

Another factor that makes Creoquete so special is its investment in research and development. For example, other producers use breadcrumbs for their croquettes, but Crequete uses 6 different types of bread and unusual ingredients such as dried fruit, which makes their croquettes a special taste experience.