Smoked Anchovy fillets from Cantabrian Sea in olive oil 100g

Geräucherte kantabrische Anchovis (Sardellen) in Olivenöl 100g
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* Surprising taste
* Smoked in a 100% natural process
* Traditional and sustainable fishing
* Preserved in Olive Oil

Fillets of Cantabrian Anchovy naturally smoked in Olive Oil. Hand cleaned and cured in salt by Conservas Nardín in the Basque Country.

From anchovies caught in the spring months at their optimum moment. Only the highest quality certified anchovies are used, selected daily at the Getaria fish market.

• Region: Zumaia, Guipúzcoa, Spain
• Net weight: 100g
Cantabrian anchovies, olive oil and salt.
Energy value 648 Kj / 154 Kcal - Fat 6, 8g of which saturated 1,5g - Carbohydrate <0,5g - Sugars <0,5g - Dietary fibre: <0,5 - Protein 23g - Salt 5,2g
Anchovy fillets are a semi-preserve that, unlike other preserves, are not subjected to the sterilisation process because the heat would spoil them. It is necessary to store the cans in the refrigerator, between 0-4 degrees and to consume them in a period not superior to 4 months from its date of manufacture.


Conservas Nardín produces a wide range of products, following strict principles:

  • Fresh and seasonal fish from local fishermen of the Cantábrico.
  • The processing of the fish on the day of purchase.
  • Processing only whole fish in the production plant of Nardín.
  • The production of preserves according to traditional methods without any use of preservatives.
  • Fulfillment of the highest quality standards and regular quality controls by external auditors.

In recognition of the excellent work and quality of the products, they have been awarded the "Bonito del Cantábrico del País Vasco" and "Anchoa del Cantábrico del País Vasco" quality certificates.

Website of the producer.

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