Gift box of canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea 11 Specialties

Geschenkbox mit kantabrischen Konserven 11 Spezialitäten

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* 11 Fish delicacies in a single box
* 100% natural ingredients
* Source of proteins, Omega 3 and vitamin B3

Gift box with 11 Canned Fish handcrafted by Zallo in the Basque Country (Spain).

• Region: Basque Country, Spain

The pack includes:

• 2 x White Tuna (Bonito del Norte) belly in olive oil. Net Weight: 360g
• Pickled light tuna. Net Weight: 266g
• Light tuna in vegetable oil. Net Weight: 266g
• White tuna (Bonito del Norte) in olive oil. Net Weight: 112g
• Bokarte in olive oil with cayenne. Net Weight: 120g
• White TUna (Bonito del Norte) in Escabeche. Net Weight: 112g
• White tuna (Bonito del Norte) in olive oil. Net Weight: 350g
• Small sardines in olive oil. Net Weight: 112g
• Mussels in Escabeche. Net Weight: 115g
• Bokarte in virgin olive oil. Net Weight: 120g
To ensure the success of their products, it is based on global quality management. From the design of the facilities, focused on optimizing the processes of cleaning and hygiene, through exhaustive control of the most critical phases of the process. 
Conservas ZALLO guarantees the safety and optimum qualities of its products. Our future strategy is quality: R+D+i, new products, human team, technical team, collaboration projects, establishment of quality standards (IFS) and food safety.

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