Chickpeas from Fuentesaúco 500g

Kichererbsen aus Fuentesaúco 500g
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Spherical grain, yellowish colour, surface with intermediate roughness and no surface stains, with a pronounced curved peak. Special for its almost imperceptible skin. Cultivated in the region since Roman times, it is of exceptional quality and has unique characteristics. PGI Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco The Protected Geographical Indication affects not only the ecotype of 'Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco', but also the entire production process, from seed to packaging. Remember that, if it is not packaged with the numbered label of the PGI, it is not Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco.

Fuentesaúco Chickpeas
Energy value: 360 Kcal. Proteins: 20 g. Carbohydrates: 61.10 g. Fats: 6.50 g. Calcium: 130 mg. Phosphorus: 375 mg. Iron: 8 mg. Magnesium: 139 mg. Vitamin A 150 Ul. Vitamin B 0.45 mg. Vitamin B1: 0.30 mg.


Eusebio Montes founded a Spanish company that has made a name for itself with the sale of flagship legume products from various corners of Castilla and León.

The authenticity of the product is guaranteed according to the corresponding geographical indications, which are reviewed by the Board of Regulators.

Legumbres Montes emphasizes that their work requires excellent, sometimes decades of relationships with their vegetable producers, which are passed down through generations, and working with the highest quality products that are proven and constantly tested.

Website of the producer.

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Kichererbsen aus Fuentesaúco 500g
Chickpeas from Fuentesaúco 500g

1 units left. Order now!

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