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- (ES) Mr President, I would like to Cordero de Castilla y Leon

Lamb is an icon of traditional cuisine of Castile and Leon. Especially the Castilian breed is appreciated culinaryly. Our lambs are slaughtered between the ages of four months and a maximum of one year. In addition to breast milk, grass and feed are also used to feed the young. Compared to milk lamb, the meat has more fat and is more intense in taste – ideal for a delicious roast.

Main cuts:

  • Lamb shoulder <1,2kg
  • Lamb leg 1,6-1,7kg
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ArceCarne - Lamm


Arcecarne is a family business with more than 80 years of industry experience. Currently, management falls on the third generation of the Arce family.

Their goal is to provide the highest quality by using advanced technology while not forgetting the traditional values.

Arcecarne is dedicated to the distribution of red meat for the most demanding palates. Their work and processes are geared to always providing their customers with the best meat.

The high quality, the dedication to workmanship and the long tradition make Arcecarne one of the best suppliers in the industry. Their products are only represented in the best restaurants in Spain.

Arcecarne is characterized by outstanding quality, excellent raw materials and a management that has great passion for this sector.

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