Sardines in BIO tomato and BIO olive oil 120g

Sardinen in Tomaten und BIO-Olivenöl 120g
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* Traditional Portuguese style method
* 100% natural
* Source of vitamins B, D and Calcium

Atlantic Sardine selected and hand packed in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tomato by La Gondola (Portugal).

• Region: Matosinhos, Portugal
• Net weight: 120g
La Gondola Canning Factory was founded by Italians who brought the first canning industries to Matosinhos, in northern Portugal, in 1940. By investing in a new unit in the 1980s, La Gondola decided to take a bold step towards a diversified canning production. The company's guidelines are focused on high quality products. 
With the beginning of the 21st century, the growth of gourmet spaces made the brand's products increasingly sought after and desired in various markets. Internationalization: 80% of the manufactured products are destined to the export market, being present in multiple countries, covering several continents.

Website of the producer.

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