Wagyu Fuet, piece weight: 250g

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(ES) Fuet de Wagyu 250g

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Finca Santa Rosalía - Wagyu Fuet, Stückgewicht: 250g


The farm, located just 25 minutes southwest of Burgos, is the perfect meeting place for nature lovers and gourmets. It is a quiet and charming place, where animals have been raised with care for many years and wonderful wines are produced. Finca Santa Rosalía invites you to visit a unique place where you can get to know a sustainable first-hand farm, from the breeding of Wagyu animals to the production of organic wines.

Both their red partridges and their wagyu steers control the entire lifecycle of each individual animal from start to finish using a dedicated breeding system whose stringent requirements include both animal welfare and the quality and safety of the final product ,

The flesh of Wagyus is one of the world's most valuable and sought-after meats, for its exquisite taste and delicacy, for its health-promoting properties and nutrients, such as the omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids Aroma, the tenderness and the juiciness of this meat, which are characteristic of this meat, satisfy even the most demanding palates.

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