"Ñoras" Dried smoked paella peppers 25g

Getrockene Paella Paprika geraucht "Ñoras" 25g
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* Basic ingredient in traditional Spanish cuisine
* Provides flavor in a 100% natural way
* Vegan

Ñoras grown and dried in La Vera, Cáceres, using the traditional style with oak and holm oak wood for 10-15 days. Use it in sauces for fish, in the Valencian Paella or in stews.

• Region: Extremadura, Spain
• Net weight: 25g
The name "La Chinata" comes from the name of the village (Malpartida de Plasencia) where the founder of the company, Florentino Oliva, was born. 
"La Vera" paprika is the product resulting from the grinding of red peppers of the varieties Ocales, Jaranda, Jariza, Jeromín, and Bola. It is cultivated and elaborated in the region of La Vera, province of Cáceres, Spain. La Vera paprika is a product with a smoky flavour and aroma due to the smoke drying process of the peppers. 
There are three types of paprika from La Vera:
* Sweet: made with the varieties Bola and Jaranda.
* Bittersweet: made with the Jaranda and Jariza varieties.
* Spicy: made with the Jeromín variety.

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