Jamón Pata Negra 100% Ibérico Bellota 7,5kg

Pata Negra Jamón 100% Ibérico Bellota 7,5kg
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* Pata Negra Bellota from Extremadura
* 100% Iberian pigs bred in the Dehesa
* +30 Months of curation in natural curing rooms
* One of the most awarded Jamón Ibérico in Spain

Pata Negra Jamón 100% Ibérico Bellota (acorn-fed), whole piece. Cured by traditional methods for 42 months. Coming from Iberian pigs bred in freedom in the Dehesa of Extremadura.

• Region: Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
• Net weight: 7,5kg
The essence of Extremadura. The Morato family, with a centenary trajectory, has its origin at the beginning of the last century in a village of the nearby mountain range of Huelva, Cumbres Mayores. In 1934 he began his adventure in Los Santos de Maimona.
Quality assured. In 2016, they received the Golden Ham from the Iberian Ham Salon, making a total of five awards of this type. 
Dehesa Extremadura. The meadow is a unique ecosystem in the world, occupies the southwest of the Iberian peninsula, mainly Extremadura. That's why it's the place where all the acorn-fed pigs in Spain are fattened together with Los Pedroches in Cordoba.

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