Traditional Stew - Lentils Stew 400g

Linseneintopf 400g
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A delicious way to enjoy good Rosara lentils: stewed with chorizo, potatoes and carrots in a delicious sauce with vegetables poached in olive oil. Also with only 4.3% fat. Our cooked vegetables have the same quality and assurance as our natural pulses: tender, without noting the skin and a totally natural flavour.

Lentils (55%), water, potato (7%), chorizo (sausage) (5%), carrot (3%), vegetable oil (olive), onion, vegetables, garlic, salt, spices and antioxidants (ascorbic acid and E-385). May content traces of wheat (gluten).
Calories:495 kJ/ 118,3 kcal; Fat:4,3g Satured fats: 1,2g Carbohydrate: 13,9g Sugars: 1g Protein: 6 g; Salt: 1,42g

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