Round Rice 1kg

Rundreis 1kg
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* Round rice perfect for paella
* Tender and juicy texture when cooked
*100% Natural. Cultivated in Albufera Natural Park

Round grain and pearl rice, grown in the Albufera Natural Park in Valencia (Spain). Perfect for the elaboration of paella.

• Region: Valencia, Spain
• Net weight: 1kg


The biggest difference is that Arroz Sivaris focuses on growing rather than presentation or packaging. They keep track of their rice, from seed to pack, so they offer the highest quality. On the one hand, their rice is 100% pure, whereas ordinary brands offer a rice blend of different low quality varieties, and you notice that when you cook. On the other hand, they choose their yield carefully from limited harvests and then pack it by hand, so their final product is completely handmade.

The rice does not bear the Arroz de Valencia designation of origin, but is also a certified natural product as Sivaris has a positive effect on the environment of its production area. Without their environmentally friendly and traditional farming methods, it would be impossible to protect the biodiversity of the Albufera wetland. For larger brands that are not direct producers, Sivari's quality standards are unattainable as they buy rice from different territories or even different countries and then sell it in the same packaging. Their rice, however, is uniform and completely varietal, as it is grown in a limited area where the soil and climatic factors remain invariable.

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