Delicatessen Jijona Soft Almond Nougat 300g

Nougat Delikatessen aus Jijona  300g
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Artisan Jijona nougat made in a traditional way in Jijona (Alicante), from selected almonds and orange blossom honey.
Selected and toasted almond 74%, orange blossom honey 17%, sugar and eggwhite. May also contain traces of: sesame and hazelnut.


The quality of their artisan products has made them a staple of the food sector.

Everything done in the manufacture of their products is to respect the traditional way of production. All ingredients, such as marcona almonds from the Mediterranean or orange honey and wild rosemary, from the Levantine mountains are carefully selected and collected. The same care is given to the manufacture of their products, focusing on the satisfaction of their customers.

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