Jan en Granada

Follow Jan Marot on his gastronomic trips through Spain
Jan Marot has been a freelance foreign correspondent for Spain, Portugal and North Africa, travel guide author (ADAC, Marco Polo) and photographer since 2006. The gourmet and hobby chef was born in Graz (Austria, in 1981) and, thanks to a student exchange programme during the Semana Santa of 1998 in Granada, he discovered his love for Spain, its people and of course its diverse, traditional and innovative gastronomy. With his University degree of journalism, social and cultural anthropology, political science and biology in Vienna and Zurich in his hands, his suitcases were already packed, and he had the one-way flight booked. For 14 years now, the frequent traveller based in Granada, who is always keen to discover new tastes and dishes, has been writing and photographing for daily and weekly newspapers and magazines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including Der Standard, Profil, Die Welt, WOZ and Jungle World. As well as lately for the gourmet magazine Falstaff.
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