Azorean Tuna in spring water 120g

Azoren Thunsfichfilets in Quellwasser 120g
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* Bonito from the Azores caught with hook
* 100% natural
* 1st Company Dolphin Safe in the world

Azores tuna caught with hook, in spring water. Prepared by Santa Catarina (Portugal).

• Region: Azores, Portugal
• Net weight: 120g
Heir of an old cannery tradition of the São Jorge Island, Santa Catarina’s factory brings to your table the best tuna prepared according to artisanal methods used by the old cannery masters.
The Santa Catarina factory is located by the sea, in Fajã Grande in the village of Calheta, on the island of São Jorge, in the Azores archipelago.
It is a company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of canned tuna, which excels in quality, combining technology with ancient methods of handcrafts.

Website of the producer.

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