Gift Box Pata Negra Paleta 100% Ibérico Bellota (shoulder) 5kg

Geschenkbox Pata Negra Paleta 100% Ibérica Bellota 5kg
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* From Ibérico pigs bred in the dehesa
* Designer case, special for gifts
* +2 years natural cured in Los Pedroches Valley
* Powerful aroma and delicate flavor

Pata Negra Paleta (Shoulder) 100% Ibérico Bellota (acorn-fed), whole piece in Designer Gift Box. Cured by traditional methods for 24 months. Coming from Iberian pigs raised in freedom in Los Pedroches Valley, Cordoba (Spain).

• Region: Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain
• Net weight: 5kg


The Belloterra facilities are located in Añora, in the heart of the Los Pedroches region, in the northern part of Córdoba province.

This enclave allows the Iberian pig to feed on the best raw material: the glans, whose high content of natural sugar gives the ham of Los Pedroches its characteristic sweet taste.

The Belloterra plant attaches great importance to local production, applies traditional know-how in production and invests in a continuous innovation process in order to always offer outstanding quality.

They are strongly committed to enhancing their industry and maintaining the culture and tradition that has shaped their industry for centuries.

Website of the producer.

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