Premium Marinated "Escabeche" Mussels 12/16 115g

Premium Miesmuscheln in Escabeche 12/16 115g
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* Premium mussels
* 100% natural
* Hand packed
* Source of Iron, Potassium and Vitamin B12

Premium Mussels 12/16 in pickled (Escabeche) sauce. Elaborated handmade with 100% natural ingredients by Espinaler in Spain.

• Region: Galicia, Spain
• Net weight: 115g
Miquel Tapias Roldós, The founder's great-grandson, took over the business in the 70's and started a revolution at Espinaler: he started to travel to Galicia to personally select the best seafood at the auctions. That was the starting shot of canned food under the name "Espinaler". In 2000, the Espinaler canned foods started to spread all over the country.
In the 50s, as Joan Tapias Espinaler has headed, has his wife, Ventureta Roldós, created a sauce for Galician seafood, which was served at their pub. Ventureta, known in the village as a lover of good food, brought together the best ingredients and invented the Espinaler sauce: high quality wine vinegar, black pepper, sweet pepper and a spice blend that she has never betrayed.

Website of the producer. 

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