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Cillar de silos


Amalio Aragón founded the company in 1994 together with his sons and daughter. However, the origins of Cillar de Silos date back to 1970, when his father bought small vineyards of neighboring wine growers, hoping one day to make his own wine in his home village, Quintana del Pidio.

When Amalio Aragón decided to found his own winery, he called it Cillar de Silos, in tribute to the monks, the so-called Cilleros, who were once responsible for organizing the pantry in the Santo Domingo de Silos Abbey. The Cilleros managed the wine and the food for the everyday life of the monks. According to tradition, the wine came from Quintana del Pidio in the 17th century.

Cillar de Silos has a subterranean wine cellar from the late 17th century. The natural humidity and temperature conditions (between 11.5 ° and 12 ° C), which are constant throughout the year, are perfect for the wine to complete its ripening process in the bottle. From these wineries only extraordinary products are produced.

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