Ostatu Crianza 2017 Rioja

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Ostatu Blanco 2019 Rioja
11,90€ ( 15,87€/liter)
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Ostatu Reserva 2014 Rioja

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Ostatu Rosé 2019 Rioja

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Gloria de Ostatu 2010 Rioja
39,90€ ( 53,20€/liter)
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Lore de Ostatu 2015 Rioja
19,90€ ( 26,53€/liter)
Normal price 17,91€ from 3 units.(-10%)

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"Family and own vineyards are the pillars of our way of working and making our wines".

For several generations, the members of the family Sáenz de Samaniego dedicated to wine growing. The vineyard dates back to the 16th century. The wine production was inherited by the grandfather and later by the parents, Doroteo and Mª Asunción, continued. Today, four of the six children of Doroteo and Mª Asunción (Gonzalo, Ernesto, Mariasun and Inigo) have been responsible for the winery since 2000.

Thanks to years of tradition, one can rely on the name of Ostatu in terms of wine quality. They bring unique wines to the market - such as Gloria de Ostatu or Laderas de Ostatu - and constantly expand the range of stylish young and old wines.

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