Jamón Serrano - cut 100g

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García Lizana - Jamón Serrano - geschnitten 100g


The family Garcia Lizana  is dedicated since 1960 to the traditional meat and sausage production. You choose the best pieces of meat, turn them into handmade sausages and bring them directly to your table. The company covers approximately 4,000 m², where only the production and processing of pig products takes place.

The farm is located in Loja, in the historic area of ​​"Poniente Granadino", an ideal place for sausage maturation, which guarantees the freshness and taste of the products, with more than 50 years of experience in artisanal production and weekly slaughtering, showing that they are real The entire selection and production process is strictly controlled and carefully monitored so that every raw material, ingredient, maturation method and manufacturing process is kept in view.

In this way, they can offer sausage and meat products of the highest quality while maintaining their traditional, rustic, rural and family character since the 60s.