Semi-cured Manchego Sheep cheese (3 months) portioned 375g

Halbgereifter Manchego Schafskäse (3 Monate) Keil 375g
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The semi-cured artisan Manchego cheese is made from fresh sheep's milk in the traditional way. It is matured for 3 months until it achieves a semi-firm texture with a pale colour, maintaining the original freshness, softness and creaminess of sheep's milk. At the same time, the first sensory notes of lactic fermentation begin to appear. Awards: * 2nd Best Semi-cured Sheep Cheese Gourmets Cheeses 2018; *Bronze World Cheese Awards 2019-20

Fresh sheep's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and egg lysozyme.
Energy value 1822 kJ/440 kcal Fat 38 g: of which saturated 26 g; Carbohydrate 0,5g: of which sugars 0,5g; protein 25g and salt 1,3g
They are much more than the best sheep's cheeses in Spain; it is a project whose objective is to care for quality from the origin through the use of natural resources and a deep commitment to Nature, Sustainability and the Environment.
The cheeses are made only with their own sheeps; their unmistakable flavour is the result of a carefully studied diet as well as an artisan production which guarantees its sensory quality and complete traceability.

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